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Guide to Montreal: Planning your vacation to La Métropole du Québec

Montreal is the perfect blend of the North American metropolis and the rich old-world elegance of Europe. With its French core and exceptional Canadian charm, Montreal is nothing like you are used to. Montreal is full of surprises, ever with something up her sleeve. The multifaceted city has something to offer every traveller thanks to its remarkable food scene, history-clad museums, unique architecture, vibrant green spaces and vibrant nightlife.

Guide to Dubai: Planning your vacation to the Gulf Tiger

Dubai is a desert city perched between worlds. It is known for its old-world customs but is also one of those places where anything goes as long as discretion is observed. Dubai’s shimmering architecture and over-the-top style are other exciting facets of the Emirates’ largest city. The towering oasis in the Arabian Peninsula has been at the centre of global fascination thanks to its rich heritage and warm hospitality.

Guide to Vancouver: Planning an outdoorsy vacation

Clawing its way up several bucket lists, Vancouver is a revered destination and is considered the heart and soul of Western Canada. Vancouver is the country’s third-largest city, made up of a lovely coastal metropolis with stunning beaches overlooking the Pacific Ocean, eventful hiking trails in the north and several restaurants offering the best cuisines …

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Guide to Toronto: Planning your vacation to the City Inside a Park

The largest city in Canada, Toronto is a treasure trove bustling with plenty to cater to all travellers. The city welcomes all travellers with open arms and ranks among the top multicultural cities on the planet thanks to over 250 different ethnic origins residing in the town. And whereas it dwarfs Montreal in history and Vancouver in outdoor experiences, Toronto makes up for it with exquisite cuisines, bars and clothing markets.